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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Under The Dome by Stephen King

I bought this book in Kuching, actually in Boulevard Kuching on 22nd August 2011. I don't know why I bought it in the first place but one thing for sure is that I don't regret buying it at all. Well the first reason is that I have been a fan of Stephen King since The Stand and the Dark Towers Series. The second reason is that the book itself was very good indeed.Want to know why I say so?
                          Under the Dome is a science fiction story but still related to real life situation. In other word, as I read this book, I realized that what's happening in the book is happening in this world. Life is a harsh reality and without God, which in this book you will learn lot bout faith of the people in vain, you will have nothing to hold on and nothing to pray to. As people in this novel began to lose faith, God seems to be just a symbolic and doesn't exist. 
                         Well is should tell you how the novel started first. The novel started as a women was in the middle of a flying lesson from the local flight instructor. She flew low and was enjoying the sunny day. I was a good day and everything was just wonderful. On the other side of the town, on the same route as the plan was on the highway, a trailer carrying log was on the way to the Mill (the town's name). Another women in the east side of The Mill was tending her flower garden when this incident happen. As the dome appear on the town boarder, the plane crashed as it hit the dome. The trailer also hit the dome not long after the plane crash. The women tending her garden was cut into half by the dome. The Mill was surrounded by the dome which act as invisible barrier and some kind of shield. People in The Mill cannot go out of the town and the people from outside cannot come in. That's when Dale Barbara, an ex-military officer stuck inside the dome as he was planning to leave the town for good. Well, he had problem with the son of the local town selectman, Big Jim Rennie, and that problem involves Big Jim son, Rennie Jr or Junior to his friend. Junior and his three friend was beating Dale on the other night before the dome appear. 
                                  Well, the beating that Dale or Barbie to his friends and foe alike, motivate him to leave the town for good. Well, he couldn't leave coz the dome appear. So this is when the story began unfold. A town with the crazy selectman who by coincident happen to be a drug tycoon and wants to have the town for himself. The local Chief Police, Mr. Duke or Mr. Perkins which always called Duke for the others, died due to the explosion near the barrier of the dome due to the electronics implant buried in his chest. Sounds like fun eh. The misfortune started when the selectman appointed a total dumb, Mr. Peter, who follows the instruction of the town selectman as if the selectman Mr Big Jim was the big boss. Big Jim appears to become a total psycho when he also select his mad son, Junior and his brutal friend to become the Special Deputy in the town Police Force. 
                                    The story become more interesting as the hero, Dale was promoted by the President of the United States from Captain to Colonel and he is ask to issue martial law under the dome. This means that Dale must take control from Big Jim before he could implement the martial law. Guess what, Big Jim was totally unhappy with this and decide to frame Dale for the charge of murder and creating havoc during riot at the Food Country, which is a local supermarket. Before that Junior has killed Angie, whom is Frankie's girlfriend and the reason why Dale being beaten by Junior and his friends. After Junior killed Angie, he also killed Dodee, the daughter of the women in the plane, because Dodee was looking for Angie. Since Junior is a madman which happens to be because he had a brain tumor, Junior slept with the corpse of Angie and Dodee. And when I said slept with the corpse, he actually made sex with the corpse (which I found very disgusting) for a whole week.
                                     Big Jim killed Rev. Coggins, his partner in the drug thing because Coggins wants to quit and announce their filthy activity to the whole town. His son, Junior offered help to his father and in doing so, the both planned to put the blame on one person which the hate the most, Dale Barbara.
                                       Dale Barbara was caught soon after the corpse was found and they found four corpse which are Coggins, Angie, Dodee Sanders and Ms. Perkins. Dale was captured by the police (who were selected by Big Jim himself) and he had no one to save him. Some of the people he know were willing to prove his innocent but it is getting harder as people were being killed, riot happens in the town, and they were under the control of Big Jim who totally dislike people who wish to help Dale. People outside the dome cannot do anything and even if the missile were fired by the air force, nothing happens. The greatest mind in the world come gathering at the Rock to find possible solution to free the people in the dome. However, they didn't have much time since the kid have the premonition of what is going to happens in the dome. The kids says "when the Halloween comes, the great fire will come, and it is the fault of a person who calls himself the Chef".
                                         Man!!! This book was totally very good and out of ten, it could give it 8. You should try reading this book and then you can tell me if I am wrong.

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